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Endorsements for the Tax Foundation

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Throughout its history, the Tax Foundation has worked to conduct research and educate the public about our Nation's economic health and tax burdens. I commend the members and supporters of the Tax Foundation for your dedication to the issues that affect our prosperity and quality of life. I also applaud the Tax Foundation for your ongoing efforts to provide tax information, address tax policy, and promote economic growth.

-President George W. Bush

Through its outreach efforts and programs such as Tax Freedom Day, the Tax Foundation strives to promote tax reform designed to lessen the tax burden that Americans face today. During my years in Congress, I have fought hard to reform the tax code, reduce government spending and lessen the tax burden on working Americans. And I am grateful for the vast assistance and support that the Tax Foundation provided over the years in the battle for reform.

-The Honorable Dick Armey, Former Majority Leader U.S. House of Representatives

Commendations to the Tax Foundation for its 65th Anniversary! The Tax Foundation has continued to serve the indispensable function of providing unbiased tax information.

-James M. Buchanan, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 1986

The Tax Foundation's work makes a unique contribution to public understanding of our inexcusably complex tax system. Whether measuring the government's take from a worker's eight-hour shift, or estimating the fiscal impact of legislation, the Tax Foundation's research invariably informs and enriches our public debates.

-Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Director, Office of Management and Budget

Facts and Figures on Government Finance is the most detailed and useful statistical portrait of where the spending goes and how it is financed.

-Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate

The Foundation's distinguished record of accomplishments should be a source of pride to its members, who deserve the thanks of all our citizens for their dedication to a task which contributes so much to the effective functioning of the American democratic system.

-President John F. Kennedy

The Foundation has remained true to its principles, emphasizing and promoting a well informed citizenry, simplicity in the tax code, stability in the tax code, no retroactive tax changes, neutrality in the tax code, and a tax code that enhances economic growth. In particular, the Foundation has played a major role in informing and educating the public.

-The Honorable R. Glenn Hubbard, Former Chairman
Council of Economic Advisers

The work the Foundation does goes to the heart of keeping the US economy strong, and avoiding the creation of a bloated, overly bureaucratic state.

-Robin Beran, Director of Corporate Tax and Assistant Treasurer
Caterpillar, Inc.

It is clear that the Tax Foundation is filling an important role in the public policy community by providing honest analysis and a true and coherent message to lawmakers. There is definitely a need to build a bridge between the academic economic research on international tax policy and the Washington community and provide some clear and easy to understand analysis of data and basic international tax theory to Hill staff and members.

-Alex Brill, Senior Tax Economist
House Committee on Ways and Means

Tax policy is one area that requires in-depth knowledge to ensure proper policy is considered, and hopefully, adopted. The Tax Foundation provides an irreplaceable source of this type of information.

-Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO)